M.A. Paz Assets & Investments Ltd.

M.A. Paz Assets & Investments Ltd. specializes in entrepreneurship, management and construction of real estate projects. Over a period of 30 years the Company has built hundreds of residential units all over the country and has accumulated a good reputation and vast experience in the field.

The many projects which the Company has built over the years bear the stamp of quality and are characterized by the careful planning and unique design which can be seen in each and every apartment.

Since its foundation, M.A. Paz Assets & Investments Ltd. have placed emphasis on selecting the best location for each project, a rich and modern technical specification and a high standard of finish. The Company is accompanied by a long list of experts, consultants and professional in order to create a high-quality, prestigious and pleasant residential environment.

Securities, including guarantees as required by the Sales Law for every resident, compliance with timetables, financial backing at all stages of construction, personal service even after handing over the apartment, all these constitute part of the Company’s criteria. Ongoing generations of satisfied customers come back to purchase apartments, constituting a further sign of the Company’s success.

M.A. Paz Assets & Investments Ltd. are presently building on the H-300 site in Holon. Tzamrot Gan, Tzameret 300, Tzamrot Chen, Mishkenot Aviv and Mishkenot Hame’ah - these are only some of the projects which the Company has built on this site.